Career Opportunities

Why should you work at Sage Hair & Beauty Lounge?

The Sage Hair & Beauty Lounge “brand” takes you, as an individual, seriously, and as a team member and as a provider of the holistic Sage Hair and Beauty Lounge guest experience. We will ensure that you are given unique training to become the best Hair or Beauty specialist that you can.

Sage Hair & Beauty Lounge approaches this in a variety of ways.

Firstly, Sage Sage Hair & Beauty Lounge pays above award with realistic commission goals.

Secondly, training is the cornerstone of Sage Hair & Beauty Lounge. We will provide:

  • 6 hours paid training a month*
  • $500 to spend on external training a year*
  • FROG training that gives you the tools to reach your commission goals so you can attain financial freedom*
  • The Sage Hair & Beauty Lounge Education Manager is your resource to coordinate all your training and education (both internal and external)

Thirdly, Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy is a physical job, and your body is your tool. Sage recognises this and has partnered with F45 Willoughby to help keep you fit, strong, and straight. That’s right, free training.

And lastly, Sage Hair & Beauty Lounge understands that we hear a great deal at work, and we also occasionally have our own ‘stuff’ that goes on. In recognition of this, we provide all staff members with two private counselling sessions a year.

But that’s not all…

Photo shoots and entry into competitions are encouraged @ Sage. Every opportunity is explored and mentoring is available.

In addition, one lucky full-time employee will have the opportunity to travel with Sascha to an education event every year. The staff member will be chosen according to the following criteria:

  • longevity,
  • profitability
  • creativity, and
  • team cohesion.

We have been to Las Vegas and Rome in the past two years, so where will we be off to next…? And will you be the one to join us?

If you or someone you know is keen to join Sage, please contact Sascha on 9967 4661.

*Conditions apply. 

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