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Tribe Leader
Sascha, our glorious leader, or curator of creative chaos…we’re not sure which…


A Welcoming Face
Antonia, is our Director of first impressions and part-time beauty guru.


Social Lubricator
Michele is our classic colour expert, intensely professional and Sage’s Social Lubrication.


All-round good gal
Britt is Sage’s all-rounder with a specialty in long hair and hair extensions. Loves up styles and wedding hair.


Senior Educator
Melissa is a Senior Stylist and Head of Education at Sage. She can be both serious and fun!


The Light that Shines
Jyoti, with those famous ‘hands that heal’ as they massage. The light that shines & graces us all.


Blonde Ambition
Julie has styled many heads of hair, from brides to TV celebrities. Up-styling and blondes are Julie’s favourite things.


Our dedicated Beauty Therapist
This shy young lady is absolutely dedicated to making your skin glow, and for you to be as relaxed as possible.


Senior Hairdresser with an impeccable pedigree
Nicola has worked in some of Australia’s best salons. If you can understand her Scottish lilt, ask her about where she thinks fashion is going. She has amazing attention to detail when colouring and loves trying new things.


Director of First Impressions on a Tuesday
She will meet and greet you, with a guaranteed smile. Ask her any questions, having a background in hairdressing, she will be able to help you out.


Steph is one of our newest recruits, and a 1st year apprentice. She was a triple threat, and has given the stage the flick for a new stage…..Lights, Camera, Steph…we have another 3 years of action!


Tea and Tidy Helper #1
Andre is one of our tea and tidy helpers. He works Tuesday and Thursday evenings, as well as Saturdays.


Tea and Tidy #2
Madi is the other one of our tea and tidy helpers. She works Wednesday evenings and Saturdays.

Careers @ Sage

If you are interested in working @Sage, and think you’d fit in with our Team, send us an inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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